Table Tennis Summer Camp In DUBAI

Why should children attend the camp?

1). Summer camp helps the children learn the sport quickly than in normal regular days 

2). Children have scope to understand the sport as they come everyday to training session and each day 2 hours

3). Climatic reasons based on UAE country heat conditions. Table Tennis is a Indoor sport which is best suitable to this climate than exposing the children to OUTDOOR SPORTS.

4). Other reasons Like keeping children in regular schedule by sending to to the SUMMER CAMPS helps the parents to not spoil the children routine timings. And also they will not waste their time on VIDEO GAMES AND TV SHOWS Etc which does not add to their career.

5). Lastly why we suggest TABLE TENNIS is to improve the children FAST REFLEXES, Speed body movement, high thinking capacity, more exercise in short time and short distance.

Outline of our table tennis camp

Table Tennis Summer Camp In DUBAI Has

Well-structured table tennis programs 

Overall movement skills

General and sports specific overall development 

Integrated mental, cognitive and emotional development 

ABCs of athleticism: agility, balance, coordination and speed 

Develop strength through use of own body weight exercises 

Introduce simple rules of fair play and ethics of sport

Daily physical activity, still emphasizing fun. We will be there to help you to achieve your goal and meet your expectations!  

What To Wear & What To Bring

  • Shorts and a T-shirt (please always provide an extra set of clothes to your child)
  • Healthy snacks  for campers
  • Our academy uniform compulsory for attending any program


Table Tennis SUMMER CAMP 2017 starting from July 2nd - 27th July 2017

1).Sunday - Thursday 16:00-18:00 hours except Tuesday.

2).Total 16 sessions in a month.Each session is for 2 hours.

3). Fees Aed 600/- for 32 hours.

4). Tuesday's Off day.

Our table tennis academy in Dubai offers Summer camps for all ages and levels of players. Beginners and high performers players are welcome. We are one and only facility in the area where kids can enjoy the SPORT