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 A very Hearty Congratulations to DEEP SPORTS TABLE TENNIS ACADEMY Girls CECILY AMBOOKEN For achieving the Championship Trophy 🏆 In CADET LEVEL GIRLS & SPRIHA PANDHE 3rd place in MINI CADET GIRLS in 3rd UAE 🇦🇪 TABLE TENNIS 🏓 WOMEN’S OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP held at Sharjah Ladies Club Sharjah on 28th & 29th December 2018. 

SPRIHA PANDHE Madhya Pradesh (India) State Champion 2018


 Cadet girl SPRIHA PANDHE Madhya Pradesh STATE CHAMPION in under 12 Y Girls category 2018. For the first time SPRIHA played in INDIA National Level Tournament this year, she Is just 10 years old travelled to M.P all tournaments this season with her parents and ranked as No.1 in the State Team. Special thanks to her parents for supporting in all directions to achieve Success 

UAE Women Team Championships 2018-2019


 DEEP SPORTS TABLE TENNIS ACADEMY 🏓 Girls Team Under 15 years age group participated IN AL OROOBA CLUB In Fujairah Nov 2018 

Under 12 Years Boys Singles Champion ANIRUDH BALAJI in UAE National Level 2018


 Under 12 Years Boys Singles Champion ANIRUDH BALAJI in UAE National Level Inter Club 2018. Special thanks to Captain Ali Shamsi  AL WASL CLUB for supporting him to participate in this event  


 DEEP SPORTS TABLE TENNIS ACADEMY 🏓 Girls Team Under 15 years age group participated In ADTTA In ABUDHABI December 2018 

GEMS MODERN ACADEMY DUBAI is the winner in 10th SKYLINE Inter School Sports Festival 2018



GEMS Modern Academy won the Boys team event champion trophy 🏆 held at Skyline University College in Sharjah In 10th SKYLINE Inter School Sports Festival 2018. Congrats to DEEP SPORTS TABLE TENNIS 🏓 ACADEMY  Coaches for their sincere efforts and hard work & special  thanks to Principal Madam Nargish Kambhata for giving us the opportunity  to prove ourselves. We are very much thankful to Mr Sanjay Benjamin Skyline University Head Of Sports for conducting every year Inter School Sports Festival and giving us opportunity to participate.

Boys Team Players: 

1). Yashaswi


3).Anish Salil

4). Saranya 

About Us

Table Tennis Academy in Dubai - DEEP SPORTS




DEEP SPORTS Table Tennis Academy Dubai formed to train aspiring sports persons to achieve proficiency in Table Tennis. This academy is started in the year 2010. The academy is formally inaugurated by                  Mr S.M.SULTAN, Secretary A.P Table Tennis Association, Vice President TTFI, Vice President A.P OLYMPIC Association at Burdubai


The Table Tennis Academy is located in AL SHARAFI BUILDING; Off No: 303; Beside AL FAHIDI METRO STATION, Exit 03; Al Musalla Street; BURDUBAI, United Arab Emirates. It is perfect location, well connected by METRO, BUS Services from the rest of the city.           


The academy has world class training facilities such as professional tables, synthetic floor with ideal lighting conditions. The students will be provided with Robo practices, Multi-ball practices etc. The equipments used are all ITTF approved 3 star 40+ balls, rackets, shoes and other sportswear. Table Tennis Facility for public on hourly booking available for players to just walk in to play with advance booking through our contact number or what’s app.


The student will be trained by professional coaches who have also achieved individual proficiency in the sport. Apart from their skills in table tennis, the coaches are also well experienced in physical fitness and yoga. Our aim is to impart holistic education not restricted to table tennis alone but also in aspects of team spirit, fitness and leadership.

The coaches are in constant touch with the table tennis fraternity to keep themselves abreast of the latest techniques in the sport. Methods like Robo and Multi ball practices, offensive and defensive play etc. 


 We are giving certificate programs for students. This program is named as SKILLS AWARDS SCHEME. The following are the awards.                                                                                                               1). Beginners Program: This program helps for HAND AND EYE CO ORDINATION, CONCENTRATION & BASICS of Table Tennis


3). Silver Award:  This program has correct grip, ready position, Forehand & Back hand Rallies, Footwork, Backspin, How to do Legal service, Doubles Rotation & Rules in depth

4) Gold Award: This program has professional level players training for Forehand and Backhand foot works, Topspins on both Fore Hand & Back Hand, Blocks on both hands, Services and Service Returns advance Technics & UMPIRING.

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Table Tennis Facilifty for public on hourly booking

Table Tennis Coaching in Dubai

Why should we play Table Tennis



Playing Table Tennis improves hand-eye coordination and it stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. This makes it the perfect game for young people to sharpen reflexes, and for older people to refine tactics.

Develops mental acuity. The speed, spin and placement of the ball are crucial in table tennis, and practiced players are highly skilled in both creating and solving puzzles involving these three attributes.

Improves reflexes. Due to the fast-paced, short-distance nature of the sport, both gross and fine muscle movements are improved. The game is distinguished by bursts of exertion and recovery, leading to fast-twitch muscle development.

It’s easy on the joints. Have you had knee surgery, back problems, tired of twisting your ankles? Try table tennis. It’s a great way to improve your leg, arm and core strength without overtaxing your joints.

Burns calories. A 150-pound person can burn 272 calories by playing table tennis for an hour. Considering the fact that the sport is entertaining and addictive, it can be a fun and easy way to burn calories.

Offers a social outlet. Whether you play in the community center or at home with friends, table tennis offers a great way to bond with other people while you lose weight. Because young and old people can play the game, it can help improve communication and build relationships, irrespective of age. Playing at home with siblings or parents can bring family members closer and enable them to spend more quality time with each other.

Keeps your brain sharp. Alzheimer’s Weekly reports a clear increase in motor skills and cognitive awareness from playing table tennis, after a series of preliminary clinical studies in Japan found that table tennis markedly increases the flow of blood to the brain, and could possibly even prevent dementia.

Improves coordination. Following the ping pong ball as it moves quickly toward you, and following its trajectory as your opponent hits it helps improve hand-eye coordination.

Improves balance. Staying balanced and being able to quickly change direction are key to being successful in a ping pong rally. This is especially important for the elderly.

Stimulates various different parts of the brain. By anticipating an opponent’s shot, a player uses the prefrontal cortex for strategic planning. The aerobic exercise from the physical activity of the game stimulates the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is responsible for allowing us to form and retain long-term facts and events.

Table Tennis Coaching Services in United Arab Emirates



Deep Sports Table Tennis academy dubai offers table tennis Coaching Program in the following Institutions in United Arab Emirates since 2007

1)GEMS MODERN ACADEMY from 2012-2017 till date. NAD AL SHEBA, DUBAI, U.A.E

2)INDIA CLUB 2009-2017 till date,OUD METHA, DUBAI, U.A.E

3)Middlesex University London, Dubai Campus 2013-2017 March

              4)The Indian High School 2012-2014               5)The Millenium School 2007-2011  

6)Skyline University College 2009-2016

7)Global Indian International School 2011-2012

8)Ambassador School 2012-2015

9)JSS International & JSS Private School 2012-2013

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 Al Sharafi Building, Off No:303; Adjacent to Al Faheidi Metro Station exit 03, York hotel side, Bank Street, Burdubai, 12 D St Dubai.

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Table Tennis Academy Dubai - DEEP SPORTS

Al Sharafi Building, Off No:303; Adjacent to Al Faheidi Metro Station exit 03, Bank Street, Burdubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. +971559788144

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